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 Post subject: Trolley furnace
PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2017 4:15 am 
The door device of the trolley furnace is composed of the furnace door, the hoisting mechanism of the furnace door and the pressing device of the furnace door. The car door shell is made of steel and plate welded into a solid frame structure, which is made of fire-resistant fiber pressing module, requiring good insulation and light weight. The following Jiangsu trolley furnace manufacturer introduces the Jiangsu trolley furnace for you.
Jiangsu trolley furnace shell is welded by steel plate and steel furnace lining materials, using ultra light 0.6g/cm "energy-saving insulating refractory brick masonry, the laminated aluminum silicate fiber felt insulation between shell and lining silicon aluminum brazing interlayer filling to powder insulation, the collision with heavy bricks, car surface quality high pressure proof aluminum brick. The furnace body is masonry with a labyrinth refractory between the furnace body and the trolley. The heating elements of the electric furnace are all spiral heat generators, which are placed on the side wall brick and trolley block. The heating element material is international general 0Cr25AL5, and the high temperature of the components is 1200 degrees.Lithium battery electrolyte purifying vacuum heating furnace
Jiangsu trolley furnace installed CrMnN steel heat furnace floor or 1200 DEG C SiC furnace bottom to carry the parts used in order to prevent the workpiece heated by the oxidation of the skin through the gap into the furnace bottom around the bottom heating element and damage the heating elements, often need to periodically blow the oxide skin and car bottom furnace bottom. A week a purge, purge analysis will be lifted bottom with compressed air oxidation resistance wire slot dander purge clean.Hot sale electric resistance heating carbonization furnace
Jiangsu lifting trolley furnace door is through the scroll wheel on the rail, scroll up and down to achieve, so as to guarantee the closed door anastomosis doorbetween the masonry and masonry furnace seal, ensuring that the opening will not be in the process of friction damage of masonry, door and the car moving is decelerated by the motor through the worm reducer, chain drive to provide, and equipped with electromagnetic brake adjustment.
In order to improve the uniformity of furnace temperature, the electric stove adopts multi zone heating, and the heating elements are arranged on the furnace door and the rear wall, the heating element layout and wiring diagram. The resistance wire winding forming drawings are all attached to the technical documents. They should be kept well for future maintenance and replacement.Beautiful Sunglasses Vacuum Coating Machine

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