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 Post subject: The only thing “anti-women” here is Mr
PostPosted: Thu Apr 07, 2016 10:33 pm 
William, second in line to the throne, earlier this year Cheap Junior Prom Dresses spent six weeks as a search-and-rescue pilot on the Falkland Islands, infuriating Argentina, which claims the archipelago as its own.Cam Cole: On his worst day as a touring golf pro — and there have been too many of them in recent years to pick just one — Mike Weir has never given upUnsurprisingly, men often scoffed at female attempts to access the corridors of power and gain membership to the old boys’ club through their fashion choices. Women had to fight for their right to emulate men.It seems fashion designer Vivienne Westwood’s pride has been singed. The British designer — who’s clearly not been chosen to design the royal wedding dress — had some harsh words to say about Kate Middleton’s style as she prepared to show her new collection at London’s fashion week, reports the Daily Mail.Except of course that this was 2012, not 1963, and that was not Don Draper but rather Jon Hamm, the man who plays Draper on TV in Mad Men. A small banner unfurled across the Viennese Terrace of Pasadena’s Langham Huntington Hotel proclaimed “Envy is back March 25,” with the “envy” and “March” in orange and “back” and “25” in black. Just feet away from Hamm, Elisabeth Moss could not stop smiling: The 29-year-old Emmy nominee was like a teenager again, her voice bubbling over in a frenzy of words while, nearby, John Slattery (who plays Roger) and Christina Hendricks (who plays Joan) held court with a kind of Sexy Junior Dresses old-world sophistication.The student federations have launched a website that will judge the different parties on a number of issues including tuition fees, ethics and the environment.I can’t believe what this country is turning into, with political correctness around every corner………and parents overly protective of their kids. In my day, an old bed sheet cut to allow your head to peak through and ‘voila’ you’re a ghost. Gimme a break. And as far as the religious rhetoric goes, stay out of it. This is the one day a year that the kids can dress up, go out and get FREE CANDY! It’s about the free stuff. The costume is the door opener.

Variety in video games is a good thing and a bad thing. Too little means players get bored doing the same thing over and over — see Remember Me. Too much variety means that players have an onslaught of hastily prepared games that aren’t really fun. This is what Killer is Dead suffers from.The Cambridge couple didn’t even switch it up from that photo 31 years ago, conveniently making side-by-side comparisons that much more easy for the media who’d been camped out for weeks (thank you, your highness!). William on the left, Kate on the right.

Any other differences from dear old dad Charles are as you’d expect from the more casual next-gen royal: no tie, let alone jacket, for Williams, and his striped shirt with the perfectly rolled-up shirt-sleeves (what is he, a campaigning politician?) perfectly matched the Vintage Prom Dresses Cheap baby blue tone of Kate’s polka-dot Jenny Packham dress. You’d be forgiven for thinking that the contrasts in meaning were perhaps a little too perfectly and deliberately thought out.Re: Building A One-State Eurotopia — Edict By Edict, Robert Fulford, Sept. 22.When important leaders like Christine Lagarde, managing director of the International Monetary Fund, call for Europe’s?fiscal integration?as the?solution to the debt crisis, they are not, as Robert Fulford contends, aiming to erase national distinctions or trying to ensure that European nations obey the edicts of bureaucrats in Brussels. They are saying that political and economic stability requires spendthrift states in Southern Europe to bring their fiscal policies up to the standards of Northern European ones, especially Germany’s.

To wit: spending within your means, making the painful reforms to ensure competitiveness, and ensuring that citizens actually pay their taxes. These rules are voluntarily accepted by European nations because they reflect the ethos of responsible public finance and governance; they are not imposed by bureaucrats in Brussels. If the fiscal rules are broken, than bureaucrats in Brussels can only impose sanctions because the offending state, by signing a treaty, voluntarily accepted the risk of incurring these penalties.And lastly, being fiscally responsible has nothing to do with the national distinctions that Mr. Fulford prizes. Unless, of course, one believes that Italy, Portugal, and Greece should preserve their national traditions of huge deficits and appalling levels of tax evasion. Philip Giurlando, Salerno, Italy


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