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As the rules and other important information are posted here, visiting this site on a regular basis is required.

Guild chat and vent channels are to be kept PG-13, unless otherwise specified. Repeated violations will not be tolerated.

No arguing in guild chat or occupied channels on Vent.

No abusive language or behavior anywhere. You may be kicked on your first and only violation if severe enough.

Making fun of another member, rudeness, or other overt language or behavior which is unbecoming a member of this guild is not acceptable.

Only take items out of the guild bank to benefit yourself or an alt or other member of the guild. If you notice a bunch of clutter in the guild bank, you can help out by taking items out and auctioning them and then depositing the cash.


Ranks up to and including Sergeant Major are largely determined by time and/or activity in the guild and do not represent authority. They provide additional bank privileges and things like the ability to create guild events.

Characters must reach a minimum level and have achieved a certain minimum for guild activity (see the Guild Interface, Roster Tab, Select Guild Activity (Total) from the Drop Down Box) in order to be promoted to the rank shown below. Exceptions may be made for characters who have contributed heavily to the guild bank or have been recommended by others on the bases of help they have provided. These numbers are subject to change at any time without warning. Current members will not have ranks reduced, but must comply with these guidelines for all future advancement.

Enlisted Ranks
Private, Level 10, Guild Activity 25,000.
Corporal, Level 26, Guild Activity 250,000, Registered on Guild Web Site.
Sergeant, Level 46, Guild Activity 500,000, Registered on Guild Web Site.
Master Sergeant, 66, Guild Activity 1,000,000, Registered on Guild Web Site.
Sergeant Major, 75 Guild Activity 5,000,000, Registered on Guild Web Site.

Ranks Lieutenant and up are based on merit, i.e. activity, contributions to guild bank, friendliness in chat, administering guild events, helping fellow members. These are officers and have appropriate authority in the guild.

Officer Ranks
Liuetenant , Level 75, Guild Activity 2,500,00*, and/or Merit, Registered on Guild Web Site.
Captain, Level 85, Guild Activity 5,000,000*, and/or Merit, Registered on Guild Web Site.
Major, Level 85, Guild Activity 10,00,000*, and/or Merit, Registered on Guild Web Site.

* Guild activity for officer positions is provided as a guideline only. Just because a member achieves this level of guild activity does not mean they will become an officer at that level. Exceptions may also be made to promote officers ahead of these levels in order to fill needed positions.

Before you /gquit

I have a hard time with it when some people quit. I know I can't please everyone all the time, but I still sort of take it as a personal failure when certain people leave. I would GREATLY appreciate it if before you quit the guild, you'd stop to give me some explanation of why. It may be something that I can fix or attempt to fix, or it may not. If not, then at least I'll know that there was nothing I could do. Thanks very much.

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